Laser Therapy

Advanced Cold Laser Therapies From the Experts at Shore Pointe Chiropractic

Inflammation and painful swelling in muscles and joints can often be treated with cold laser therapy. This advanced treatment option employs laser light at low levels to stimulate the natural healing capabilities of your body. Cold laser therapies are used to shorten recovery times and to provide added comfort for patients in our area. Working with a qualified health care provider is the best way to access these advanced treatment options and to enjoy the fastest recovery times possible from strains, pain and inflammatory ailments.

How Do Cold Laser Therapies Work?

Cold lasers use low-level light photons that are absorbed by the body’s cells and that can promote healing and regeneration of damaged cells. By stimulating your body’s own natural healing powers, these therapies offer real relief for inflamed muscle tissue and pain associated with overexertion, injury and other issues. This can significantly reduce the time needed to recover from sprains, aches and minor injuries and can promote the fastest healing possible for your needs.

Not All Cold Laser Therapies Are Alike

The effectiveness of cold laser treatments depends on the quality of the machine used to perform these therapies. Top-end cold lasers are used by professional sports teams and athletes to promote faster healing and to ensure the fastest regeneration for damaged tissues and cells. Machines of lesser quality, however, may not produce the same results and may result in longer recovery times for patients.

Working With the Right Health Care Professionals

Choosing the right health care provider can ensure the quality of your care and the best equipment for your cold laser treatments. Shore Pointe Chiropractic uses the latest technologies and the most effective solutions for you. Our cold laser therapy options can speed the healing process and help you get back to your regular activities more quickly. This can provide you with added peace of mind and confidence when arranging for treatment for minor injuries in our office.

At Shore Pointe Chiropractic, we specialize in providing holistic health care services that can help you to feel your very best every day. Our team of skilled professionals will work with you to determine whether cold laser therapies are the right choice for your needs. We perform comprehensive health assessment services that pinpoint your issues and that resolve pain, inflammation and other issues quickly and effectively. Give our office a call today at 732-270-9555 to schedule an appointment with our team. We look forward to the chance to serve your health care needs now and in the future.